This redefines the pig.

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We're Packed With Lots Of Exciting Features To Deliver You
The Best Experience Possible


Our servers are located in one of Germany's most modern data centers and are protected by CloudFlare®.

Fun Concept

Play as bandit, knight or wizard and capture other player's cities!

Nice Community

Insults are so uncommon on our server, they're almost endangered!


Fight your way through enemies, climb our leaderboard and become the very best!

No Hackers

With a competent moderator team, an intelligent AntiCheat-System and daily backups we give cheaters no chance.

Capture Cities

If you use strategy to your adventage and plan your tactic wisely, you'll get rewarded with epic loot!

The Most Unforgettable Experience You Ever Had.

3 Cities. 3 Factions. What could go wrong?
Oh right, raids 'n sieges. Attack other cities and loot whatever you can!
But be careful, build your own base as secure as possible, or you will be the next victim...

As Who Will You Build Your Fortress?